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Oh My Geode is a small, family run business based in the UK, created and driven by our passion and the love we have had for crystals since childhood.  Whether you're looking for crystals to aid in meditation, use for their healing properties or just to add to your personal collection because of their beauty, we hope Oh My Geode can help. 

For us, crystals are more than just beautiful stones. They are powerful vessels of energy and healing, which is why we are so passionate about sharing our love of crystals with others. At Oh My Geode, we offer a carefully curated selection of genuine and unique crystals that are ethically sourced from all over the globe. We also hand make our own crystal jewellery meaning no two pieces are the same, which guarantees that you can be sure you'll receive a one of a kind jewellery item. Whether you're a seasoned crystal fan with a huge collection already or completely new to the world of crystals, we hope you will find everything you need to begin or expand your collection right here. 

Our promise to our planet: We appreciate nature and are thankful to our wonderful planet Earth for all that it does for us. That's why as part of our commitment to protecting our planet, we strive to make our packaging as eco-friendly as possible. We have swapped bubble wrap for recyclable honeycomb paper, our tissue paper is biodegradable and if we have to use packing peanuts, we use the safe and dissolvable kind! Even the tape that we use to seal your boxes is recyclable and can be disposed of in your recycling bin. The only things that can not be recycled in your packaging are the stickers and shipping label however, we are currently trying to find an eco-friendly alternative for these too.

If you need some help with an order or have any crystal enquiries, we are more than happy to help! Feel free to reach out to us via email or any of our social media channels and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok or email us at

Lastly, we'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for visiting our website. Any support is hugely appreciated and of course a massive thank you to our loyal, repeat customers. We appreciate you all so much.

Love, Light & Happiness,

Ellie xx

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