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Crystal spheres have been used for many years now due to the sphere being the 'perfect' shape. All points of a sphere are the same exact distance from the centre allowing the crystals energy to radiate in all directions at once. These beautiful, flashy Fire Quartz spheres make a great addition to any crystal collection. 


You will recieve the exact sphere pictured.


Fire Quartz

Also known as Hematoid Quartz, Fire Quartz is a beautiful crystal with red/orange/pink flames running throughout. It contains the stability and balancing properties of Hematoid with the amplifying properties of Quartz. Like the name suggests, Fire Quartz is said to give you a boost of energy, concentration and passion, a fire in your belly. A crystal to help with studying, aid in focus with everyday tasks and explore your inner entrepreneur.

- Fire - Passion - Energy - Concentration - 

Fire Quartz Sphere

  • material - fire quartz (hematoid quartz)

    size - approx 63mm

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