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These beautiful Labradorite freeforms are unique due to their pink, purple and orange flash rather than the more common electric blue flash. 

You can pick the exact Labradorite freeform that you would like by selecting the relevant letter.



Known for its beautiful flash, Labradorite is truly a stunning and magical stone. We like to call it 'the northern lights in rock' as the flashes of blue, green, purple, pink and orange almost resemble the different colourings of the northen lights. Labradorite is said to calm busy minds and stimulate imagination. It enhances strength, courage and perseverance making it an ideal tool for manifestation.

- manifestation - calm - perseverance -

Labradorite Freeform

  • material - labradorite

    sizing - A - approx 85mm x 51mm , B - approx 72mm x 59mm , C - approx 60mm x 57mm

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