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Crystal spheres have been used for many years now due to the sphere being the 'perfect' shape. All points of a sphere are the same exact distance from the centre allowing the crystals energy to radiate in all directions at once. These beautiful Labradorite spheres make a great addition to any crystal collection.


You can choose the exact sphere you would like by selecting the relevant letter.

Please not that ‘sphere C’ has a natural indent throughout. This is not a crack, it is a natural imperfection of the crystal. Please see video.



Known for its beautiful flash, Labradorite is truly a stunning and magical stone. We like to call it 'the northern lights in rock' as the flashes of blue, green, purple, pink and orange almost resemble the different colourings of the northen lights. Labradorite is said to calm busy minds and stimulate imagination. It enhances strength, courage and perseverance making it an ideal tool for manifestation.

- manifestation - calm - perseverance -

Labradorite Sphere

  • material - labradorite

    size - (approx)

    A - 58mm

    B - 53mm

    C - 50mm

    D - 46mm

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