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These beautiful Lepidolite moon carvings make for a great addition to any crystal colection. They can be displayed on a stand or layed flat. They can also be used as a tray/trinket surface.


You will receive the exact moon carving you select by choosing the relevant letter. Stand not included.



Also know as 'the stone of peace' or 'the grandmother stone', Lepidolite is believed to have comforting, nurturing and calming properties. It is said to stop negative and obsessive thoughts aswell as helping to stabilise mood swings. Lepidolite is a popular stone for people who suffer with anxiety due to it's calming energy.

- Comfort - Nurturing - Healing -

Large Lepidolite Moon

  • material - lepidolite

    size - approximately 15cm in height. Each moon will vary slightly in appearance due to the crystals natural and unique properties.

    stand not included.

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