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Crystal towers are a great addition for any crystal collection. Towers are generally used to amplify and attract energy. These beautiful, flashy, natural Moonstone towers come with unique patterns and colourings.


You will recieve the exact tower that you select by it's corresponding letter.



The beautiful flash in Moonstone is a stunning and mesmorizing sight. A great crystal for those struggling with stress and stability, Moonstone is said to soothe emotional instability while adopting feelings of power. This peaceful crystal is believed to give the user self-assurance and a feeling of being at ease and is also known to be a stone of ‘new beginnings!’

- Stability - Soothing - Self-Assurance - New Beginnings-

Moonstone Tower

  • material - moonstone

    size (approx height) -

    A - 97mm

    B - 90mm

    C - 88mm

    D - 83mm

    E - 81mm

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