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Crystal spheres have been used for many years now due to the sphere being the 'perfect' shape. All points of a sphere are the same exact distance from the centre allowing the crystals energy to radiate in all directions at once. These beautiful, white/silver flash, Peach Moonstone spheres make a great addition to any crystal collection.


You can choose the exact sphere you would like by selecting the relevant letter.


Peach Moonstone

This beautiful stone is said to cultivate a sense of safety and willingness to be vunerable in a healthy relationship. Believed to soothe anxiety and worry, Peach Moonstone is said to enhance visions and dreams which in turn helps to chart a clear pathway forward. It's energy is balancing and healing.

- Safety - Soothe - Illuminate Visions -

Peach Moonstone Sphere

  • material - peach moonstone

    size - (approx)

    A - 55mm

    B - 50mm

    C - 49mm

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