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Crystal towers are a great addition for any crystal collection. Towers are generally used to amplify and attract energy. These beautiful, flashy Rainbow Moonstone towers come with unique patterns and colourings.


You will recieve the exact tower that you select by it's corresponding letter.


Rainbow Moonstone

Find the rainbows hidden inside Rainbow Moonstone as the beautiful flashes peep through making this stone a stunning and mesmorizing sight. A great crystal for those struggling with mind blocks, Rainbow Moonstone aids in helping you to find solutions to problems and frees the mind helping you to see visions more clearly. Good for studying and manifestation.

- Soultions - Visions - Clear Mind -

Rainbow Moonstone Tower

  • material - rainbow moonstone

    size - (approx height)

    A - 93mm

    B - 90mm

    C - 88mm

    D - 87mm

    E - 87mm

    F - 85mm

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