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Crystal spheres have been used for many years now due to the sphere being the 'perfect' shape. All points of a sphere are the same exact distance from the centre allowing the crystals energy to radiate in all directions at once. These beautiful, sparkly Sphalerite spheres make a great addition to any crystal collection. 


You can choose the exact sphere you would like by selecting the relevant letter.



Known for its ability to bring balance into it's users life, Sphalerite is a great stone for anyone who is disorganized and leading a chaotic lifestyle. It is believed to restore harmony between the physical, mental and emotional parts of you and your life. Sphalerite is said to bring drive and focus levels to great heights resulting in a much more organised and calm lifestyle.

- Organisation - Calm - Focus - Drive -

Sphalerite Sphere

  • material - sphalerite

    size - (approx)

    A - 64mm

    B - 60mm

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