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Crystal spheres have been used for many years now due to the sphere being the 'perfect' shape. All points of a sphere are the same exact distance from the centre allowing the crystals energy to radiate in all directions at once. These beautiful, Tourmaline Quartz spheres make a great addition to any crystal collection. 


You can choose the exact sphere you would like by selecting the relevant letter.


Touramline Quartz/ Tourmalinated Quartz

Black Tourmaline is a protective crystal ridding negativity whilst keeping you grounded. Clear Quartz in the master healer crystal and when paired with other crystals it amplifies their energy. When the two are combined the protective energy from the black tourmaline is stronger and more poweful making this a fantastic crystal to wear. Tourmalinated Quartz is believed to protect from negative thoughts and emotions.

- Protection - Safety - Grounding -

Tourmaline Quartz Sphere

  • material - black tourmaline quartz

    size - (approx)

    A - 83mm, 0.8kg

    B - 68mm, 0.4kg

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