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Crack your own Geode! This is a fun way to experiment with crystals and get involved in some of the hands on action yourself. These Geodes contain a mix of natural quartz, white quartz, calcite and gypsum.

Our Geodes come in two sizes. Small or Large.

small - approx 4-6cm

large - approx 6-11cm


Take your Geode outside and place it onto some dispossable paper (newspaper works well and will catch any crystal fall out). We reccommend using a hammer and chisel to break your geode. Children should be supervised at all times. Please note that these are naturally formed crystal geodes and some of the crystal pieces can become loose inside the geode. These crystal pieces are very sharp so please take care when cracking the geode open. We reccommend wearing gloves and safety goggles.



There is something mezmorizing about Geodes! On the outside they appear to be just like any other rock however inside they are filled with pure beauty! The Geode is useful in protection and aids spiritual growth. Each Geode is unique and they contain different minerals and materials inside of them.

One of the most powerful healing crystals, Geodes are used to promote the flow of positive and calming energy. This makes them a popular choice for meditation and also as decor around peoples homes and work spaces. 

Uncracked Geode

  • Material - natural geode

    small sizing -

    large sizing - 

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